The diet dilemma

The diet dilemma… As I sit at my desk pondering the tasks of the day, I pause for a moment to contemplate a now familiar weekly dilemma. A decision of such incalculable complexities, that the wrong choice could set forth a chain reaction of drama, chaos, and quite possibly cannibalism in my once peaceful home. … Read more

One is the loneliest

One is the loneliest… Every once in while during a rare peaceful moment at home, when the kids are playing quietly or taking a nap, when the room is calm and time is still, I find myself reminiscing of life before mommy-hood. Certainly not in a regretful way or with any sense of longing, but … Read more

The resolutions

The resolutions… Like many of you every year around this time I take apart in the annual declaration of healthy promises to be carried out through the year with enthusiasm and conviction. Last year I vowed to up my cardio to 5x a week, cut down on meat consumption, and bake my own bread. Of … Read more

About me

In the beginning… When I got pregnant with my first, I was working full time teaching Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Yoga classes. Like many trainers, finding the time to work out myself was always a challenge. I decided to make a schedule for myself; partially to keep active and healthy for the pregnancy but also to … Read more

Not cool

Not cool… When a close friend first approached me with the topic of “Winter Blues” I disregarded it as a trendy title describing someone who isn’t so fond of cold weather and probably shouldn’t live in New York. When I found myself with a bout of it myself I reconsidered my definition. The truth is … Read more

Who’s Body image?

Who’s Body image? Remember when it was fun to get dressed up? I have a collection of dresses that I’ve been holding onto for over 10 years. They were only used for special occasions and are in excellent condition. I wore them to formal parties, holiday gatherings, the theater, and of course to weddings. These … Read more

The perfect time to workout

The perfect time to workout… Like many of you, I seem to be on a never-ending quest to find time to work out. Even my best plans can be easily disrupted by the mere thought of exercising in my Toms (because I forgot my sneakers) or because I didn’t finish my 2nd cup of coffee, … Read more

The tummy task

The tummy task… Today I’d like to discuss an issue that affects me on a very personal level. Like many of you, my postpartum tummy appearance has been brutally distorted over the course of two pregnancies. The skin texture is rippled and wrinkly, there’s a combination of stretch marks/discolored skin, and to top it off … Read more

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