The perfect time to workout

The perfect time to workout…

Like many of you, I seem to be on a never-ending quest to find time to work out. Even my best plans can be easily disrupted by the mere thought of exercising in my Toms (because I forgot my sneakers) or because I didn’t finish my 2nd cup of coffee, or because I skipped breakfast all together. This list goes on and on, becoming more ridiculously ambiguous with each day of the week until finally the weekend arrives with a whole new set of trivial mom-made obstacles preventing me from completing my much anticipated “Perfect Work-out”.

Define “perfect work-out” again?

The problem actually stems from unrealistic expectations to resume the exercise routine and schedule we once had (pre-babies). Along with the many things we lost (a full night’s sleep, daily showers, a social life, a hair style from this decade, jeans that fit, none- puppet or animated TV, privacy in the bathroom, etc….; this list goes on, you know) was a somewhat consistent fitness schedule. Whether it was after work, super-early in the morning, or just on the weekends, it was something to take charge of and feel proud of. That being said, my life today has many things to be proud of. Not a day goes by that I don’t look at my girls and feel my heart swell with love and appreciation. They mean the world to me and I wouldn’t change a single thing…. last gym workout 10 days ago and counting.

Done and done!

Ok, so here goes “Perfect work-out redefined”. Yesterday I took my 4-year old to her swim lesson, followed by an impromptu trip to the playground, which was followed by a quick bite to eat before her ice hockey lesson (hopefully followed by a nap for my 2 year old), followed by back-to-back birthday parties. Believe it or not, this is a typical weekend day for me. My daughter’s swim class is 30 minutes, I stood outside in the parent waiting area, watching her from a large window and leaning on the protective foam bar. I decided to take a moment to stretch my calves. When I was done they felt lovely, so I held onto the bar and did a set of calf raises, followed by a set of wall pushups, and rounding it out with a series of hamstring press alternating legs; 6 minutes later I turned to my left and saw one dad (no doubt inspired by my ingenuity) pumping out some squats; to the left of him another dad stood contemplating the possibilities. I finished another 3-exercise circuit, took a water break, and then completed a third. As I started my post workout hamstring stretch, both dads had moved onto jumping jacks as they rooted their kids on.


So there it is: not exactly how, when, or where I planned it, but I did it! And it felt fantastic. My eyes have been opened and I’ve already planned another workout for next weekend, one for Monday’s soccer practice, and another for Thursday during her art class. The great thing about the Abdominal Connections 6 Step program is that Phase 1 exercises, and most of Phase 2 exercises, are done standing. There are over 50 exercises to choose from in Phase 1 alone, and many can be done comfortably in street clothes.

Side note

Exercise is only one step in Abdominal Connections 6 Step Program. If you do any of the 6 Steps you are going to improve your Diastasis. The more you do, the faster you’ll progress. Having the power and knowledge to take charge of your healing is so empowering. It’s accessible and convenient, there’s no way we can’t get this done. Hopefully, my little story from yesterday will help inspire you to redefine your workouts too.

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