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The 6 Step Diastasis Program

The 6-step program is proven to help with diastasis rehabilitation.

Sign up for a free 6-day trial to access on demand videos and consultations. Our diastasis package will be shipped and a monthly payment deducted on the 7th day following sign up. Your 30-day money back guaranty starts then. The AC diastasis package includes all the tools you’ll need to heal your diastasis.

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Postpartum Core Strengthening Program

Strengthen, tone and sculpt your way back to your pre-pregnancy body.

Using balance integrated techniques, our postpartum workout helps safely transition your back into your prepregnancy fitness regimes. More details…

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Here's what real people are saying about the program...

"I can already see a difference in how my clothes fit…"

“I started the 6 step program a month ago, the results are fast! I can already see a difference in how my clothes fit. I had a 3 finger diastasis that made me look like I was 6 months pregnant. It was embarrassing and annoying and I hated having to wear baggy clothes to hide my belly bulge and explain to people what the hell a diastasis is. If these are the results after only one month I’m in.”

Aisha Clark

"My back feels awesome..."

“Best Binder on the market. I’ve tried just about every ab binder available on Amazon and this one actually does what it says. Extra bonus, my back feels awesome.”

Emily Taylor

"It works out everything not just your stomach…"

“I’ve been looking for an exercise routine that is safe for diastasis recti since I was diagnosed half a year ago. I can’t afford a personal trainer and I’m pretty sure I did more damage by taking Pilates after my first baby. There’s enough variety that I don’t get bored and it works out everything not just your stomach which is great since I gained 57 pounds with my 2nd baby.”

Anna Rodriguez

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