Back pain postpartum

One of the most common topics on the postpartum aches and pains list is lower back pain. Many new mothers suffer from constant or easily triggered back pain and/or spasms. It’s no mystery why new mothers are the perfect candidates for this annoying, debilitating condition. Check out our list of common factors and see how … Read more

Hemorrhoids after pregnancy

That other thing you brought back from the hospital Unforeseen side effects on your journey to motherhood #103… “Hemorrhoids” are that one awkward topic that woman kin have no shame in bringing up to total strangers. No one blinks an eye when a new mom takes 5 to 10 minutes to sit down in her … Read more

Do you have Pelvic Floor dysfunction? Diastasis? Or both?

Pelvic Floor dysfunction? Diastasis? Both… Ah crap! Not another body malfunction brought on by pregnancy! Pelvic floor dysfunctions affect roughly a quarter of the female population in the United States. 30 to 40 percent of women suffer from some degree of urinary incontinence in their lifetime Better digestive function Almost 10 percent of women will … Read more

Diastasis or Hernia?

Diastasis or Hernia? That is the question… For as many of us that looked in the mirror months after pregnancy and asked “why do I still look pregnant?” there are similarly as many confused mothers that asked “what’s that funny bulge on my tummy?” And then, of course, there are the unlucky moms that got … Read more

Great Expectations

Great Expectations… “A few weeks late, was the signal that something was off” said my friend Emma when she broke the news to me. Emma (longtime friend and colleague) is a mother of 2 (soon to be three) and former Abdominal Connections mom. She was diagnosed with a 3 finger diastasis separation after her 2nd … Read more

Tummy envy

Tummy envy… “The root of suffering is attachment.” The Buddha Yes, it’s true I’ve resorted to quoting Buddha to help get my point across for this very important topic. Tummy Envy; you have it, I have it, women everywhere around the world have it. The illusion is that women with flat tummies and/or perfectly defined … Read more

Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air… Flowers in bloom, Cherry trees blossoming, crisp blue skies with warm breezes; no, this isn’t an advertisement for allergy medicine. This is your invitation to spring fitness. Depending on where you live and on your workout preference, outdoor exercise can be an awesomely satisfying experience, and what’s not to love? … Read more

One step forward

One step forward… So it’s been four consecutive weeks now of consistent workouts (Applause) I feel terrific! My energy level is higher throughout the day, I’m craving healthier things to eat, drinking more water, and although it may be a self-created illusion I swear my jeans fit perfectly. There’s nothing unusual about my experience. Exercise … Read more

What is Diastasis?

Eureka… For the last month I’ve been playing with my workout schedule trying to find a time that utilizes my optimum energy level. As it happens, the best time for me is in the mornings between 9:30-10:30; after dropping off my husband at work, and the kids at preschool. Any time after this is 50/50, … Read more

Don’t break the mold…

Don’t break the mold… I retired from a professional career in Classical Ballet about 10 years ago. My career spanned only 10 years but at one point it was fair to say “I’ve been dancing for most of my life”.  Along with many wonderful memories and hilarious stories to tell my children and grandchildren, one … Read more

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