The diet dilemma

The diet dilemma…

As I sit at my desk pondering the tasks of the day, I pause for a moment to contemplate a now familiar weekly dilemma. A decision of such incalculable complexities, that the wrong choice could set forth a chain reaction of drama, chaos, and quite possibly cannibalism in my once peaceful home. In a moment I will be faced with a burden not unfamiliar to most of you but infinitely frustrating for all of you; the grocery list. On this list will be the dinner menu for a traditional family including: one kid with dairy allergies, one who only eats mac & cheese, one dad who prefers salads, and one mom who desperately needs protein. In popular mommy fashion I tend to unconsciously put everyone’s dietary needs ahead of mine and by the time I’ve finished discovering the mystical qualities of soy cheese and camouflaging whole wheat pasta shells with veggies shaped like princess tiaras, I have just enough energy to wash some greens and chop crisp veggies for a dinner entre-sized salad.

The energy crises
As we sit down at the table I realize the real dilemma. I’m starving. My daily work load is intense. Aside from the heavy lifting (30 pounds of disgruntled toddler) I have endless errands that require running around, plus my work and exercise routine. I seldom have the time or energy to make the meals I want or let alone plan out my diet.
The fact is a woman’s metabolism changes dramatically both during and after having children. This is most commonly linked to hormonal changes, food cravings, sleep deprivation, and increasing age. Some women find that they have more energy than before pregnancy; they have also surpassed their pre-pregnancy weight. Others complain that they have no energy after having children and have retained part of their pregnancy weight or lost it and then gained it back. There are so many individual factors that contribute to a healthy metabolism it’s hard to prescribe one fix for everyone.

The basics
In my years of working with clients in holistic nutrition, one thing was made very clear to me. Given the opportunity, most people can tell you 3 things they can do to make their lives healthier. No Nutrition books or group meetings necessary. So let’s give it a go shall we?

Which is the healthier?

  • Whole wheat bread
  • White bread

Which is the better option?

  • Oatmeal
  • Captain Crunch

Which is the better choice for hydration?

  • Water
  • Soda

Smart choices
Something tells me you passed with flying colors!
So ok, moms don’t always have the luxury of planning out a week of low carb, low fat, organic, delicious, spa cuisine that suits our exact personal needs, but we do have options and it’s up to each of us to listen to that little voice in our heads that says: “fresh fruit in the cart not the Haagen-Dazs”… you know who I’m talking to. It’s not the things you do once in a blue moon; it’s the everyday choices that count. Start simple; take a look at what’s going into your body and see what you can do to make some simple but radically healthier choices:

  1. If you’re a coffee drinker, try cutting back the sugar, or switch from half & half to milk.
  2. If you get really hungry during the day, try making lunch your biggest meal instead of dinner.
  3. If you hate the taste of water, try adding some sliced cucumber or orange for a hint of flavor.
  4. Always choose dark over light when working with carbs; whole grains over refined flour.

These are just a few ideas out of hundreds that you probably already knew, and can do every day to start seeing some pretty amazing results much faster than you might think. The Abdominal Connections Manual contains a recipe section that shows you an incredibly simple formula of grains, veggies, and healthy fats so you can create meals that work for the whole family. It also includes a full list of foods, veggies, and herbs that assist with the repair of damaged cells as a result of Diastasis.
Most importantly remember that food is your body’s fuel. If you’re putting in the cheap stuff, eventually it will start acting up. Go ahead and splurge on Super Premium! you’re totally worth it.

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