Here’s what real people are saying about Abdominal Connections…

I can already see a difference in how my clothes fit…

“I started the 6 step program a month ago, the results are fast! I can already see a difference in how my clothes fit. I had a 3 finger diastasis that made me look like I was 6 months pregnant. It was embarrassing and annoying and I hated having to wear baggy clothes to hide my belly bulge and explain to people what the hell a diastasis is. If these are the results after only one month I’m in.”

Aisha Clark

My back feels awesome...

“Best Binder on the market. I’ve tried just about every ab binder available on Amazon and this one actually does what it says. Extra bonus, my back feels awesome.”

Emily Taylor

It works out everything not just your stomach…

“I’ve been looking for an exercise routine that is safe for diastasis recti since I was diagnosed half a year ago. I can’t afford a personal trainer and I’m pretty sure I did more damage by taking Pilates after my first baby. There’s enough variety that I don’t get bored and it works out everything not just your stomach which is great since I gained 57 pounds with my 2nd baby.”

Anna Rodriguez

My OBGYN didn’t tell me any of this stuff…

“When I started the program I had no idea what Diastasis Recti even is? I sat down with the manual and now I feel like an expert. I can’t believe how many things I was doing wrong. My OBGYN didn’t tell me any of this stuff.”

Bethany Marie Tate

Little by little I noticed my tummy getting flatter…

“After I had the baby my doctor said I have a small Diastasis and it would probably go back on its own with some abdominal exercise and if it didn’t I can have the surgery. Well, it didn’t and I when looked at the options for surgery it was horrible. I had to go back to work 3 months after my baby was born and didn’t have time to heal from surgery, and work, and take care of a new baby. This program worked for me because it was flexible. I did what I could in the little bit of time I had and little by little I noticed my tummy getting flatter, with any luck I will close it completely and never have to even think about surgery”.

Naomi Amaad

I was diagnosed with a diastasis in my 3rd trimester…

“It’s not instant results; for me anyway. I would do it really well for a week and then do nothing for 3 weeks because my schedule is crazy. I have twins and finding time to hit the gym is nearly impossible even for a stay at home mom. I started having back pain while I was pregnant and even worse after the babies were born. I was diagnosed with a diastasis in my 3rd trimester and knew I’d have to get the surgery once the babies were old enough but when I heard there was another option I thought I’d give it a shot. After 4 months I closed my gap from 4 fingers to 2 fingers. I’ll be honest; I only did half the program. I’m not good at sticking to exercise routines but I did the other stuff and it worked which I think is pretty amazing. I would definitely recommend this for anyone with twins.”

Rebecca Weinstein

EMS belt

“I didn’t think I would be sore the next day. My sides really got a workout”

Emily Harris

“All I felt was tingling, it’s hard to believe it’s doing anything but afterwards you totally feel it in your abs”

Melisa Mills

“Serious ab workout, this is my second month of using it and I do feel stronger. Just a warning, don’t turn it up too high, I thought it would be harder for the muscle but it just hurt my skin”.

Miriam Weinberg

“This is not my favorite thing in this program. I never use it cause it freaks me out a little. I prefer the heat pack personally”.


Weighted Sand balls

“I have these in different weights and they’re always hard to hold. These are just the right size to grip”.

Dorothy Tanger

“These are good, not too heavy. I can’t do all the exercises with them cause it too hard but it works great for the arm exercises”.

Amy Mitchel

AC Diastasis Binder

“Love it”...

“ I got this as a gift from my sister a few months ago, I only wear it when I’m in the house but I can tell its making my stomach flatter”

Lisa Mansfield

“I like the sticky tape on the inside”…

“The other one I had used to slide up all the time. This one stays in place; does take some getting used to.”

Deborah Beekman

“You can really feel the difference when you take it off”...

“It feels like someone is holding you up and forcing you to stick in your stomach. I also like that it makes me sit up straighter, my posture is really bad from feeding the baby”.

Tasha Vargas

“I wish I could remember to wear it more”...

“I have twin boys and I only use it when my back hurts. It helps but I think I need a smaller size. The Velcro doesn’t stick on all the material”.

Olivia Freedman

AC Recovery Binder

“I got this at my baby shower”...

“Unfortunately I didn’t use it until my baby was 4 months old. It’s amazing, every day my waist gets slimmer. I highly recommend this for anyone who just had a baby and wants to lose the bulge”.

Ellie Watkins

“It looks thick but it doesn’t feel heavy. It’s like someone’s hands are literally squeezing your waist together”.

Lilly Peterson

The 6 Step Diastasis Program

I won this in a giveaway I entered…

“I’ve had a diastasis since 2012 and was sure I would have to have the surgery, but was putting it off as long as I could. I did not expect to see these results from the abdominal connections program. In fact my doctor said it was highly unlikely I could recover from a 4 finger separation. I closed 1 finger in 1 month. It took me 6 months to close my diastasis completely and I could have been doing this the whole time. I believe the program works”.

Theresa Martinez

“I would recommend this to anyone who is sick and tired of having to hide their stomach”...

“Before I got pregnant I was in the best shape of my life. I trained everyday with my best friend personal trainer (who I love), and ran 4-5 days a week 3-4 miles. I had to give up everything when my doctor told me I had diastasis recti. He sent me to PT where after 2 months she recommended surgery. I came across this package in a free trial and it changed my life. It was so basic. I can’t believe this program exists and doctors are still recommending surgery for something you can do yourself”.

Sarah Katz

Postpartum Core Strengthening Program

“This is cool”…

“It’s not crazy hard like other workout video’s which is good for me since I have no coordination. I don’t really wear the belt but I like the exercises”.

Karen Macdonald

“Balance was the hardest thing for me after my pregnancy”...

“I tried to go back to yoga and could barely stand on two feet. This video focuses on balance and form. It’s got a little cardio but nothing that makes you sweat. I love the Recovery binder, I feel like it’s helping me to feel my body again”.

Monica Gardner

“Unfortunately I‘d never heard of abdominal Connections before I had my surgery. A friend told me about the program and I called the company to tell them my story. They recommended the Core strengthening package to gradually strengthen my stomach after the surgery. I had no idea it would take so long to recover from the surgery and I’m grateful to have an exercise routine I can actually do. It works the stomach muscles without directly crunching them.

Linda M. Cabrera

AC Diastasis Manual

“This is amazing”...

“It is incredibly well written and informative. I could not get this information from my private physician but somehow it’s all here”.

Ann Beranger

“The manual has cute cartoons that show how to do the exercises”...

“If I don’t feel like watching the dvd, it’s nice to put on my own music and just use the book to remind me what the steps are”.


“The manual is wonderful”...

“It tells you everything about diastasis and what NOT to do. I was getting out of bed using my stomach, and now I can feel when I’m doing something wrong. It teaches you how to re-do everything; Even how to use the bathroom. I didn’t know that was even part of fixing a diastasis”.

Elaina Koslov

Core Strengthening DVD

“Nice exercises for new moms”...

“I don’t much feel like exercising these days but this one always makes me feel better that I did. I like that it’s not super models with beautiful bodies. These look like real moms”.

Kelly Saunders

“I was so ready to get back into shape”...

“I won this in a giveaway that was part of a mommy recovery package. I’d never heard of this company or diastasis. Thankfully I don’t have one, but it’s a great dvd and I use it all the time now. My husband even does it with me sometimes”.

Tammy K.

“After having my 2nd baby, going to the gym is impossible”...

“No matter how failproof my plans are it just never happens. I like this dvd because it does feel like a fitness class. I feel it in my legs and arms especially if you do it a few times a week”.

Cindy Fleming