The 6-Step Diastasis Program

Our 6 step program is based on the concept of treating the Diastasis as an injury similar to a strained muscle; because that’s basically what is.

Our 6 Step Program uses the following therapies:

1n Heat

Heat application helps soften muscles and increase blood flow to the injured muscle. It increases the supply of oxygen, nutrients and antibodies (defensive cells) which promote new cell generation and growth. It also enhances the function of the Lymphatic system which helps removes debris, metabolic waste, and carbon dioxide that can interfere with the healing process.

2n Stimulate

EMS devices are used as safe muscle stimulation. EMS, which is the acronym for electric muscle stimulator, is an efficient way of treating muscle injuries by the transmission of electronic pulses that cause passive exercise. The stimulation, contraction and relaxation cycle created by EMS loosens muscle fibers, increases blood flow and stimulates muscle growth.

3n Massage

Massage can help relieve tight muscles and increase circulation allowing essential blood and nutrients to reach the injured area. Better blood supply creates better healing.

4n Moisturize and Hydrate

Post pregnancy the superficial skin on the abdomen becomes loose and wrinkled. You may have developed stretch marks or discolored skin. Our Natural moisturizer hydrates the skin, promotes circulation, and has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties both essential for tissue repair.

And always water is essential for any tissue repair and healthy body function.

5n Binding

Binding is perhaps the most important of all the steps. With the weakening of the Linea Alba comes the weight of the inner organs pressing against the abdominal wall causing more separation. Continuous pressure on the abdominal wall will not only cause superficial skin damage but also prevent the organs from moving back into place. It is crucial that you maintain a supportive environment for the abdominal muscle to heal. Think of it as a mold, if you take it off too soon the contents will spill back out, if you keep it in the mold the contents can stabilize and solidify.

6n Exercise

Safe and well organized exercise routines jump start your recovery. The body naturally wants to heal its self and is just waiting for the catalyst. The most effective way to boost your metabolism is through exercise. Abdominal Connections offers a variety of safe and effective exercise for all healthy post natal women not just through your Diastasis Recti recovery but to prepare you for any other exercise routines you’d like to practice in the future.

Postpartum Core Strengthening Package

Exercises are intensified integrating more balance and stability exercises as well as challenging weight and endurance.

This DVD was created as a preparatory work out, helping you to feel confident resuming your previous pre-baby fitness regimes.

Strengthen, tone, and sculpt your way back to your pre-pregnancy body.

Using balance integrated techniques, our postpartum workout helps safely transition you back into your pre pregnancy fitness regimes. The Core Strengthening DVD is an excellent starting point for all postpartum women ready to begin exercising after pregnancy.

Join real moms as they take on an intensified workout integrating balance and stability exercises as well as challenging weight and endurance. Abdominal connections DVDs exclusively feature real moms that joined and benefited from the Abdominal Connections 6-step program; no actors were employed.

  • More muscular awareness
  • Improved physical control
  • Stronger abs
  • Renewed energy & stamina
  • Defined arms, legs, back, and glutes

Instruction to wear binder

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