Don’t break the mold…

Don’t break the mold… I retired from a professional career in Classical Ballet about 10 years ago. My career spanned only 10 years but at one point it was fair to say “I’ve been dancing for most of my life”.  Along with many wonderful memories and hilarious stories to tell my children and grandchildren, one … Read more

The resolutions

The resolutions… Like many of you every year around this time I take apart in the annual declaration of healthy promises to be carried out through the year with enthusiasm and conviction. Last year I vowed to up my cardio to 5x a week, cut down on meat consumption, and bake my own bread. Of … Read more

About me

In the beginning… When I got pregnant with my first, I was working full time teaching Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Yoga classes. Like many trainers, finding the time to work out myself was always a challenge. I decided to make a schedule for myself; partially to keep active and healthy for the pregnancy but also to … Read more

Not cool

Not cool… When a close friend first approached me with the topic of “Winter Blues” I disregarded it as a trendy title describing someone who isn’t so fond of cold weather and probably shouldn’t live in New York. When I found myself with a bout of it myself I reconsidered my definition. The truth is … Read more

Who’s Body image?

Who’s Body image? Remember when it was fun to get dressed up? I have a collection of dresses that I’ve been holding onto for over 10 years. They were only used for special occasions and are in excellent condition. I wore them to formal parties, holiday gatherings, the theater, and of course to weddings. These … Read more

The perfect time to workout

The perfect time to workout… Like many of you, I seem to be on a never-ending quest to find time to work out. Even my best plans can be easily disrupted by the mere thought of exercising in my Toms (because I forgot my sneakers) or because I didn’t finish my 2nd cup of coffee, … Read more

The tummy task

The tummy task… Today I’d like to discuss an issue that affects me on a very personal level. Like many of you, my postpartum tummy appearance has been brutally distorted over the course of two pregnancies. The skin texture is rippled and wrinkly, there’s a combination of stretch marks/discolored skin, and to top it off … Read more

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