Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air…
Flowers in bloom, Cherry trees blossoming, crisp blue skies with warm breezes; no, this isn’t an advertisement for allergy medicine. This is your invitation to spring fitness. Depending on where you live and on your workout preference, outdoor exercise can be an awesomely satisfying experience, and what’s not to love? You get fresh air, a healthy dose of sunlight (vitamin D), and a distracting landscape to keep your mind off of how many squats you’ve actually done. One of the things I tried to implement when creating the Abdominal Connections workout was making sure it’s portable. Exercising outdoors also makes it easier to work out with friends. You can keep a conversation going while doing completely different exercises; maybe even get some cardio in. Running in the park beats a treadmill any day, in my opinion, and if running isn’t your cup of tea, try jumping jacks. I don’t care what shape you think you are in, doing jumping jacks for 5 minutes straight will get anyone’s heart rate up.



Head outdoors
Finding time to exercise when you’re a mom may seem impossible at times. Finding time to meditate or collect your thoughts? Now, that’s well beyond the boundaries of reality. Or is it? How about multi-tasking? Taking some time for you and getting some much needed exercise? sounds like a plan. Ok, here’s what we’ll need:

  1. Water bottle, dehydration sets in quickly when exercising outdoors. Drink a little before, a little during (as needed), and lots afterwards.
  2. Hand sanitizer, you will end up touching nature at some point, or even scarier: a park bench! We don’t want to think about what this bench has been up to, so let’s play it safe. A small bottle of hand sanitizer goes a long way.
  3. A small towel, you may find that you sweat less outdoors because the breeze constantly evaporates the sweat from your skin, or you may find that you’re so motivated outside that you work out harder, time passes faster and a 20 minute workout becomes 40 without thinking. Awesome!
  4. The outfit, remember to dress comfortably. If you’re not comfy showing skin, don’t, it will only make you self-conscious. Instead wear something light and stretchy. If you’re working out in the morning wear layers, it may be chilly. A tank top under a long sleeve shirt should do it, or a sweatshirt just in case. Sneakers are the shoe of choice; they help provide balance and are perfect for outdoor cardio.
  5. A plan, this is an important one. Have in your mind what you want to work on; legs, arms, chest etc. Then pick your top 3 favorite exercises, these are the ones that come more naturally to you, which means you won’t have to think as much. Less thinking means less hesitation, you’ll be able to get into the zone and focus faster.



Don’t forget the props
Abdominal Connections Phase one Diastasis props include a flex-band and an exercise mat. If you’re not doing the floor series, leave the mat at home and throw the flex-band in your bag. The Abdominal Connections Phase 2 Core stabilizing workout includes a set of weighted sand balls (just under 2 pounds each). These are also very portable and worth carrying with you.

Take advantage of our On Demand Videos. Bring your tablet or smart phone with you and follow along using our pick-and-choose playlist. You choose which 3 exercises you want, and decide on a 10 minute, 20 minute, or 30 minute workout, click play and you’re instructor is ready to go with your personalized workout.

However you choose to do it, do it! after all, spring only come once year.

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