AC Diastasis binder

AC Diastasis binder

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See and feel real results

Proven to help Diastasis recti


Feel results after its first use.

Backed by our 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.

Our exclusive AC Diastasis Binder is used regularly as part of The 6 Step Program. It limits potentially hazardous movements and provides back support to help carry out daily activities.

It’s designed using a unique and hi tech material which allows complete ventilation without compromising support or creating excessive heat.
The AC Binder phase 1 is an indispensable tool in assisting with abdominal Recovery for all women seeking to regain their abdominal integrity postnatal.

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Additional info

Sizing Information The AC Binder comes in 5 sizes. to select the correct size measure your waist prior to purchase.  If you are within 1” of the smaller size we suggest CHOOSING FROM the lower end as your waist will slim over the course of The 6 month program. XS Fits waist size 22” – 28” S   Fits waist size 29” – 35” M Fits waist size 36” – 42” L    Fits waist size 42” – 48” XL Fits waist size 48”- 52”  


Instructions for wear

  • Identify the inside and outside of the AC Binder by locating the silicone strip that runs along the inside.
  • Place the silicone strip side behind your back and grab both ends of the binder. (try to keep the binder even on both sides)
  • Bend your knees and pull the navel in and back to find your abdominal connection
  • Bring both sides of the binder evenly around your waist and then overlap to secure the Velcro strips (try to keep the binder level as you secure the Velcro, one side should not be lower than the other)
  • Keeping your alignment grab hold of the elastic bands on either side of the waist.
  • Identify which end is higher and which is lower. Pulling both sides evenly; as though you are pulling the sides of your waist together lay the elastic flat and attach the Velcro to secure. (the elastic should not overlap but lie one above the other)

5 Responses to “AC Diastasis binder”

  1. Leane Mercier

    I was part of the clinical trial for this program. When my 2nd child turned 2 I started researching surgery (3 finger diastisis and umbilical hernia). I just happened to come across a trial in my city for healing diastisis recti. The person who developed it is a dancer/trainer and at one time had a large diastisis herself. She couldn’t quite heal it with the programs out there so she decided to design one herself in order to COMPLETELY heal the diastasis. It’s so comprehensive (DVD with diastisis friendly exercises, creams for skin, digestive supplement, binder, etc.) I am not completely healed but am down to 1.5 and I feel stronger and so much more aware of everything I do and how it will affect my diastisis. Most of all I am VERY happy to have avoided surgery. The cost may seem steep to you but when you consider how a diastisis affects your quality of life, is it really that much? The website gives you a much better idea of all the stuff that the kit comes with and how it considers all the side effects of a diastisis.

  2. Deborah Beekman

    I like the sticky tape on the inside… The other one I had used to slide up all the time. This one stays in place; does take some getting used to.

  3. Tasha Vargas

    I wish I could remember to wear it more… I have twin boys and I only use it when my back hurts. It helps but I think I need a smaller size. The Velcro doesn’t stick on all the material.

  4. Lisa Mansfield

    Love it…
    I got this as a gift from my sister a few months ago, I only wear it when I’m in the house but I can tell its making my stomach flatter

  5. Olivia Freedman

    You can really feel the difference when you take it off… It feels like someone is holding you up and forcing you to stick in your stomach. I also like that it makes me sit up straighter, my posture is really bad from feeding the baby


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