The 6 Step Diastasis Program

The 6 Step Diastasis Program

  • On Demand videos
  • Diastasis safe exercises
  • Weekly e-consultations
  • $350 worth of tools
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The postnatal recovery system is designed to empower women to recover from diastasis recti. The program starts with a 6 days trial of our on-demand curriculum. During these 6 days you will have access to on-demand videos, online chats, and email correspondence with Abdominal Connections staff.

On the 7th day after sign up, your credit card will be charged and the 6-step program package will be shipped. Our 30-day no-questions-asked return policy becomes effective at this time. The 6-step program includes all the tools and guidance you’ll need to help with your rehabilitation. Consumables, including EMS pads, moisturizer and supplements will be replenished at no additional cost.

Included in your Abdominal Connections 6-step program package is a total of 11 items. See Additional Info for package description.

Additional info

Backed by our 30-day no-questions-asked return policy.

Included in your Abdominal Connections 6-step program package is a total of 11 items.

  • Abdominal Connections Resistance band
    Latex based, durable, controllable resistance.
  • Abdominal Connections Phase 1 manual
    Our 100 page color printed manual contains all the information you’ll need during the rehabilitation process including: How to carry your baby, How to correct your posture, How to modify your cardio, as well as illustrated descriptions of every exercise in the Stage 1 DVD.
  • Abdominal Connections Phase 1 DVD
    Workout with real moms recovering from Diastasis. Learn each exercise from all 5 categories with audio directions and detailed corrections.
  • One Abdominal Connections exclusive Natural Moisturizer
    Aids in re-texturizing and conditioning the superficial skin around the abdominal region.
  • One bottle Abdominal Connections Digestive supplement
    Our all natural, vegan, and food based supplement helps eliminate trapped gas, flatulence, abdominal bloating and digestive discomfort.
  • One 24oz. Abdominal Connections Water bottle
    Borosilicate glass withstands extreme heat/cold and is break resistant. Silicone cover for a better grip.
  • Abdominal Connections Phase 1 AC Binder
    Contours the midsection and supports full torso abdominal healing.
  • Abdominal Connections Electric Muscle Stimulation unit and belt
    Define and strengthen your supporting abdominal muscles while restricting potentially hazardous movements.
  • Abdominal Connections re-usable heating pad and belt
    Relax using our therapeutic technique for increasing blood supply to the injured area. Our Neoprene belt is ergonomically designed to cover the abdominals.
  • Abdominal Connections Fridge Magnet Progress Chart
    Track your monthly progress using our handy refrigerator magnet. Simply check off which of the 6 steps you completed that day and keep monitoring. Great for busy moms.
  • Abdominal Connections Exercise Mat
    3x the thickness of an average Yoga Mat for extra comfort during exercise.


Sizing Information

The AC Binder comes in 5 sizes. We will contact you to discuss sizing before shipping the Abdominal Connections 6-step program package.If you are within 1” of the smaller size we suggest CHOOSING FROM the lower end as your waist will slim over the course of The 6 month program.

XS Fits waist size 22” – 28”

S Fits waist size 29” – 35”

M Fits waist size 36” – 42”

L Fits waist size 42” – 48”

XL Fits waist size 48” – 52”


Contact us directly to special order other sizes.

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